Why choose loans? Advantages and disadvantages

The Gedesco Group is a company specialized in the financing of circulating leaders outside the banking channel, which offers its financial services to both companies and self-employed.

Why choose a loan?

Why choose a loan?

At Gedesco they believe in your business and that is why they offer all kinds of Dulcinea solutions for any company, be they large companies, SMEs or self-employed and micro-SMEs.

The services offered include both national and international factoring, confirming, renting, personal loans at 0% interest, discounts on promissory notes, endorsements and much more.


  • Multiple financial services for all types of companies
  • Quick loan for companies at 0% interest and line of credit of up to € 50,000
  • Up to € 10,000 with car guarantee
  • Financing with early cancellation, without penalties and with ASNEF


  • The car rental service requires a 15-20% entrance fee
  • There is a maximum limit of kilometers, and if you make more than what is set in the contract you will have to pay the difference
  • You can get money with a car guarantee but you will lose the ownership of the vehicle and you will have to pay a fee for car rental.

What type of company do you have?


In Gedesco you will find solutions for all types of companies, so no matter what your company is, Gedesco can become your financial support if you want.

Financing self-employed workers and micro-enterprises

If your company has a turnover of less than 2 million euros, you can access the sales financing solution through Factoring.

You can also enjoy a commercial discount if you receive payments through promissory notes.

And additionally you can request a line of credit of up to € 50,000.

Financing for SMEs

If your company invoices less than 10 million euros you can access the “Multi-product line” with a solution adapted to your Dulcinea, practical and flexible.

You can finance purchases and sales and get direct financing through loans for SMEs. In addition to the necessary guarantees through technical guarantees.

To finance the advantages you can enjoy the commercial discount and you can also anticipate invoices from national and international clients.

As for the financing of purchases, you will have at your disposal the options of the Confirming PYMES at the national level and the Factoring PYMES of import to provide you more facility at the time of relating with your suppliers.

Financing for large companies

Gedesco also offers financing solutions for those companies that have a turnover that exceeds 10 million euros. In Gedesco they are focused on providing funds through private programs of promissory notes, advance contracts, national and international factoring and confirming payment to suppliers.

How does Gedesco work?


In Gedesco they offer a consultative and strategic approach for your company, and they observe each business to be able to attend all Dulcinea both now and in the future.

All of Gedesco’s financial services products are oriented to boost the development of the companies’ business, focusing on three main lines: offering information, financing services and also coverage.

Gedesco believes in the business of your customers and cares about everything working properly, and for that we must know who we sell, how to finance sales and of course, not having unpaid. All these are keys to succeed in business.

We also recommend Gedesco because today it has already offered financing for a value of more than 5,000 million euros. With more than 90,000 companies financed Gedesco has become the largest non-bank financing company in Spain.

To request information about the services, if you are interested, you can contact them. You will simply have to indicate your name, email and telephone in the application form, or if you prefer, you can contact them directly by calling them by phone.

What financial services do you offer?


Gedesco offers a wide range of personalized financial services to companies and the self-employed, in order to comply with the Dulcinea of ​​its clients. They offer all kinds of services and provide the best solutions to their customers.


With this instrument for financing working capital, companies can obtain financing but they can also get risk coverage for non-payment.

This service allows the assignment of invoices to the financial institution in exchange for anticipating their collection, deducting the total amount, commissions and interests that correspond.

It is a service that provides liquidity to those companies that sell on credit, allowing them to enjoy the immediate collection of their sales in installments.

In Gedesco they offer factoring services both nationally and internationally, with export factoring, customers can advance the collection of sales to their customers.


With Gedesco’s Confirming service, customers will be able to obtain the information they need for their company and their suppliers. It is a service that helps companies to manage the payment to their suppliers, facilitating financing and the commercial relationship.

The Confirming service allows companies to enjoy more liquidity, administrative savings, better negotiation and greater security. For suppliers, it also has benefits, such as the reduction of the balance sheet liability, as well as security and greater liquidity.


The discount of promissory notes offered by Gedesco allows clients to obtain the necessary liquidity for their company. From your page you can calculate the amount of discount your promissory notes in just 4 steps using your calculator.

You only have to enter the volume of annual sales of your company, the amount of the invoice or promissory note and the collection period.

In real time you can see the estimated amount that Gedesco will advance, the amount you would charge when the customer pays the invoice and the amount in interest and commission.

If you are interested just click on “I want financing.” Among the advantages we will highlight the personalized attention, the immediate liquidity and the wide discount line.

What other services can you find?

loan services offer,quick cash


  • Rent Back: Immediate liquidity with the guarantee of your assets.
  • The opportunity to incorporate machinery into the company without assuming the initial outlay for its acquisition.
  • Business loans. Loans amortizable at 0% interest.
  • Contracts Monetization. Anticipation of the collection of contracts.
  • Credit line. Up to € 50,000 for your projects.
  • Advance of invoices.
  • Technical guarantees. Technical endorsements of tender and execution for companies
  • Advance work certifications.
  • Discount of bills of exchange.
  • Risk reports To know the solvency of your company’s customers
  • Financing for companies.
  • Money with the endorsement of your car. Up to € 10,000
  • Car financing.